Metrotile Europe as the supplier of their premium metal roof tiles through the local partner Metrotile SA (MSA), has decided to increase their exposure in the Southern African market and since May 2014 has taken a more active role in the expansion of their brand locally. 

A new warehouse has been setup in Brakpan to service the local areas and provide a distribution hub for the rest of SA and neighbouring countries. These new developments in the organisation promises to be the next springboard for their range of unique and eco-friendly roofing products in to the SA market. Successful all over Europe and in many African countries, Metrotile (Europe) has now committed to using Metrotile SA as their Southern African flagship to replicate their international success.

The innovative European manufacturer provides affordable, lightweight stone-coated roof systems in highly protective AZ185/Z300 corrosion-resistant steel, ideal also for coastal applications. This premium steel roofing system goes beyond the performance of traditional roofing materials, while convincingly maintaining the look of the traditional roof tile.

This premium roof system is ideal for use on new projects and re-roofs, specifically for thatch and old “zink” roofs, creating an effective weather barrier, removing the high maintenance requirements and shielding the property from fire and hail. This can also save owners of thatched properties around 30% on their insurance premiums. Because they are far lighter than traditional roofing, they don’t require the same heavy (and expensive) roof structure and being recyclable they are in tune with current sustainability trends.

Metrotile is conscious of the environment and with an average lifespan of more than 30 years this sustainable roofing system requires little maintenance and is recyclable. The carbon footprint left is also smaller because they weigh on average only 6kg/sqm, and much less transport is needed than for traditional roofing of the same coverage. Despite their wide range of more than 10 profiles, MSA is focusing on certain niche sections of the market and in addition to the already successful Woodshake (thatch), we’ll see much more of their new Vikse profile, the stalwart Roman Tuscan tile and their unique metal shingles.

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Environmental Responsibility

Metrotile Europe recognizes that its commitment to success must also take into account the broader economic, environmental and social impact of its operations.

We subscribe to the following principles in our pursuit of sustainable development:


We integrate sustainable development considerations within the corporate decision-making process and environmental consideration into all activities that could have direct or indirect environmental impact.


We seek continual improvement of our environmental performance, by facilitating and encouraging responsible design, use, handling, lifecycle, transporting and recycling of our products.

Production process

We live up to high environmental standards during production. In order to continuously improve the level of environmental management, key focus in our production area is minimizing and recycling of production waste.

Mission and Vission

Our objectives are to deliver the very best quality in everything we do, from primary produce, choice and screening of suppliers,composition of the paint, planning, to efficiency in logistics, packaging and transport. Our operations and collaboration with our business partners gives us greater opportunities to be efficient and strategic and to function well as an organisation, both when it comes to the distribution chain and to concentrating on joint product launches and campaigns. Our business is characterised by an open and informal culture, and by short lines between sales and production. This way of operating is what brings our mission and values to life:

Our vision

To be a leading manufacturer and supplier of metal roofing products and services in South Africa, Africa and the Middle-East to building companies, roofers, architects and their customers.

Our mission:

By developing high-quality products and services for our business partners and their customers, to make a valuable contribution to the houses or building projects worldwide and indirectly to the wellbeing of people in general.

These are the shared values, principles and behaviour that we follow in providing high quality products and services worldwide.

A family affair

The culture of Metrotile South Africa is unique and has been one of the key reasons behind the success of the company. Every business partner or distributor becomes part of the Metrotile 'family'. We put our business partners first in everything we do.

Passion for business

The passion of our employees, business partners, distributors,... to become number one in our segment worldwide.

Win-win situations

We are focused on ensuring that we provide great value products for our business partners every day. We effectively collaborate, always looking for more efficient ways to serve our markets even better.

Flexibility, speed and agility

We are resourceful, adaptable and achieve results faster than our competitors.

Where environment matters

Metrotile South Africa has an extensive programme of environmental initiatives, which we feel are improving our environment.